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While not nearly at the “professional” level of car detailing, I get into car care more than the average guy. And over the years (decades actually) I’ve accumulated a bit of experience at doing so. I’ve even attended several detailing clinics.

And over the years, I've often been asked for advice by those who want to start doing "more" to their vehicles. Perhaps they've just purchased their first new car. Or maybe they just acquired an older vehicle in need of paint care.

So I thought I’d put a few notes together aimed mainly at those new to detailing. Note that although I mention lots of products (most of them are from Meguiar's) this site contains no advertising (pretty rare, eh?). My purpose is simply to give you a hand at getting started.

Your feedback is encouraged!



The Simplified Approach


While there are several excellent car care sites on the Internet (links are provided elsewhere) sifting through all the information can be daunting, especially for a beginner.

So, as you will see, I have broken down the entire process into steps, and divided those steps into sections. At the beginning of each section, I provide the “basic” information about that step (in a box like this one) followed by more detail. You can use the links to the left to navigate to a specific section, or the green arrows below to go to the next or previous page.

And what I feel are important rules and theories
are emphasized like this.

And make sure that you click the photos to get more information.

I hope this method helps you get the information you need when you want it. And if you have any suggestions, please send them to me using the link above or to the left.


On the Internet, you’ll find many opinions and even conflicting information about any subject – and car care is no different. I have seen that one of the reasons is that some “experts”, when asked for advice, seem to use the opportunity to display their knowledge (including "opinions" that are not actual “knowledge”) rather than focusing on the requestor's needs. While their techniques may or may not help a user, what I’m going to present are the procedures that I follow, some suggestions, and a general direction for anyone who wants to keep their vehicle looking great while going a bit beyond the “once-a-week” wash.

In reading through my site, it does sort of look like a Meguiar's infomercial. It isn't meant to be. I've been very happy with (most of) their products as well as their support (on-line and in person). But there are many other great products out there. And there is no paid endorsement or sponsorship.

And by no means should you think that my procedures and opinions are the “last word” in car care. With all the products and techniques around, I’ll bet that no two people do it exactly the same way. (In fact, I probably don’t do it the exact same way every time!)

Please feel free to contact me any time for more information or to provide feedback.