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Machine buffers/polishers

Pads and cloths

Machine Buffers/Polishers

Many car care crazies (including myself) use a dual action polisher to apply and remove polish, wax, etc. It can greatly speed the process. I donít use it very much. To be honest, for most jobs, especially on smaller cars, I donít think it saves all that much time. For full details on larger vehicles when I am going to go the whole nine yards (cleaner, polish, wax) Iíll use it.

Donít confuse this type of polisher with a rotary buffer, the kind professionals use. Those generate heat which can be very helpful at removing scratches. But in the wrong hands, it can quickly burn through paint. Click the picture to the left for more information.


Microfiber Cloths and Pads

As mentioned before in several sections, I feel that your technique and tools are more important than the product selection. In my opinion, the swirls you see in paint are almost always caused by improper washing or waxing technique, or using the wrong tools.

I suggest using foam (or microfiber) applicator pads for applying cleaners, polishes and waxes to your paint, and only microfiber cloths for removing the dried residue. These items are available in auto parts stores as well as through the links below. You could spend days researching the different types of microfiber cloths available - they vary in quality and purpose. Make sure to buy brand names.


Here are a few links to car care web sites:

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As I'm sure you know by now, they manufacture a million cleaning product

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Grit Guard
As described in the Washing section

If you find a link that you think should be included here, let me know.