To summarize, here are the most important points from all the previous stuff:

Make sure to focus on developing a good technique, and acquiring the basic products and proper tools. Don't go out an buy everything that you think you'll need later.


Wash in the shade or in low sun. Use soap formulated for washing cars. Use a clean wash mitt and a separate sponge for wheels and rocker panels. Dry with a specialized drying towel or chamois. Final dry with 100% cotton towels. Be sure to dry inside the door jams, trunk and hood channels.


After the wash, take a few minutes and decide what you're going to do next. Don't get boggled.

Paint Prep

If necessary, a variety of products are available to clean and shine your paint before waxing. They include: clay bar, scratch remover, paint cleaner and polish.

It goes without saying (even though I've said it before), but make sure to follow the instructions on the container.


Wax only on a clean, cool surface. Follow the instructions on the container. Some waxes suggest applying to one section at a time; others instruct applying to the entire car all at once. Use a microfiber cloth to remove the wax residue. Whether you choose paste or liquid, don't use too much.


An interior clean will consist of, at the very least:

Using Quick Interior Detailer, wipe all surfaces.

Remove the floor mats and vacuum the carpets and seats, as well as the floor mats before they are put back.

Once in a while, use a vinyl cleaner on your plastic and vinyl and apply a vinyl protector, like Meguiar’s “Shine”. If you’ve got leather interior, use a leather cleaner/conditioner once in a while. Keep in mind that the entire seat is NOT leather. But it’s better to use leather cleaner on vinyl than a vinyl cleaner on leather.

Clean the glass - inside and out.


The Last Details

Clean the exterior trim, wheels and tires. Remember that some trim will be plastic (painted or not) some is rubber. Make sure to use the proper products.


I hope the above suggestions help you in some way. If so, please drop me a note, or, better yet, send me a picture! And if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Have fun!