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Parking Gone Wrong
Parking gone wrong



Goo Gone
Goo Gone


The sad fact is that if you use your vehicle, you will undoubtedly suffer chips, nicks, dings and even dents. But there are fixes other than the body shop. Here are a few ideas.

Paintless dent removal
This is a pretty incredible process if you've got a small dent but the paint itself is not damaged. Using special tools (no, not suction cups) they will push the dent out from the inside. I've had this done several times and it is truly remarkable.

Touch up paint
There is an art to touching up nicks and chips - it takes patience and a little work. If you are in a location where they salt the roads (or by salt water) you'll want to attack these nicks right away. Check out the Links section for more information on paint maintenance.

Minor scratches
There are several products that help you remove minor scratches. I've used Meguiar's ScratchX very successfully. Keep in mind that you never actually remove a scratch...what you are doing is removing paint around it to make the scratch less visible. (For more information, check out my Detailing Simplified web site.)

Removing goo
There is a product called "Goo Gone" and one called "Oops" which are excellent at removing tar and other gooey stuff from your paint.

Windshield repair
Many stone chips can be repaired. If you discover a chip, the first thing to do is cover it with clear tape. Resist the urge to stick your finger in it! Moisture and dirt are the enemies. Look in the phone book or on-line to find a service that will come to your house or place of business and fix the chip. It isn't perfect, but it will be better and should prevent the chip from turning into a crack.

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