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Parking Checklist
A quick-reference guide
to safe parking


The following quick reference can be supplied to spouses, friends, or anyone else who may be parking your vehicles. I have also provided a Quick Reference Guide (in PDF format) to the left. Feel free to print and distribute it. (Let me know if there is any other information you think is necessary.)

  • Good parking is the result of a) finding a good space and b) optimally situating your vehicle within that space.
  • Seek the great space offering protection to BOTH sides of the vehicle.
  • If you cannot find a "Great Space" look for extra space next to pillars, bushes, etc. Many parking spaces will allow you to situate the vehicle slightly askew so that you can increase space between the adjacent vehicle. (Use extra caution when pulling in close to one side.)
  • End spots are your friend. They allow you to park over to one side and, all else being equal, reduce risk of damage by 50%.
  • When using an end spot, if you are not on level ground, being 'uphill' is better then being 'downhill'. Also, parking on the right of a vehicle (the passenger side) may also reduce risk.
  • Watch your neighbors - do you really want to park next to them?
  • Parked vehicles will not cause damage to yours - it's the coming and going that's dangerous. How long will you be?

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