Here are a few interesting links related to parking and car care. If you know of any others, send me a note and I'll add them. (And please let me know if any of the following are broken.)
Take a look at these cool automated parking systems from the same company that builds thrill rides. I sure wish there were more of these around. Don't all those cars look safe and happy? (Thanks, Jason.)
Here's another automated parking system.
Here's another great parking service...but not for us! Lights in the parking structure guide shoppers to available spaces. It's a slick idea in that it will greatly reduce the amount of time necessary looking for a space in a crowded lot. But, unless it's going to guide me to a Bonus space, I think I'll pass.
Our own beginner's guide to auto detailing.
A great site for anything related to auto detailing.
Here's a product which offers some side protection.
Here's something that will help protect bumpers.
Here's a company in the Netherlands that offers products to cover parking lot pillars.
You can find some fun parking games here. (Thanks, Jim.)
I've been a fan of Meguiar's car cleaning products for years. Their on-line forum is great. And if you ever get a chance to go to one of their workshops, do it!
This is the place to go for custom floor mats. You can actually build them on the screen.
I found this one during a web search on "good parking." It is a witches spell to help you find a good space. (I haven't tried it yet.)
Here's a parking-related site by Gianluca Menna from Italy. He's got pictures of a few "interesting" parking jobs.

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